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Chief Design Engineer Matti Autio has extensive experience in renewable energy


Chief Design Engineer Matti Autio is responsible for renewable energy grid integration solutions at NEPower. Originally from Jyväskylä, Autio studied electrical engineering at Tampere University of Technology and currently lives and works in Vaasa. In his free time, he enjoys fishing and outdoor activities with his dogs.

Autio has spent almost his entire career in the field of renewable energy. Wind and solar power plants were already familiar to Autio when he started working at NEPower in the fall of 2022. In his previous positions, he also gained experience in application and product development as well as inverter transformers.

“The best thing about NEPower is the open-minded approach to work”

In his role as Chief Design Engineer, Autio doesn’t just spend his time at the computer and on-site but also engages in communication with suppliers and partners. Autio mentions that his typical work week involves not only design but also contacting potential suppliers and partners, as well as meeting with potential customers.

At NEPower, Autio values the relaxed atmosphere where it’s possible to simultaneously take responsibility and enjoy the freedom and flexibility of work. “The best thing about NEPower is the bold and open-minded attitude toward work. We have a young team with a strong work ethic,” Autio praises his colleagues.

Smart automation brings new opportunities

What does Autio consider the biggest challenges and opportunities in the electrical industry right now? As a current challenge, Autio sees the need to ensure that electricity is available in the right place at the right time. “On the other hand, the increasing use of intelligent automation and the business opportunities it offers bring interesting possibilities to the industry,” he says.

Throughout his career, Autio has witnessed rapid developments in the field. The biggest changes, in his opinion, relate to improvements in design tools, the increase in automation, and the tightening of regulations and standards related to work. The growth of renewable energy during his career, Autio describes as “explosive.”

Autio chuckles when asked about the strangest thing people have expected him to do due to his electrical training. “Definitely the expectation that I’m always supposed to fix burnt-out light bulbs.”

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