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NEPower as the Turnkey Supplier for the Heinineva Solar Power Plant Substation Project in Lapua

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EPV Aurinkovoima Oy is planning to construct the Heinineva Solar Power Plant in Lapua, which will feature up to 140,000 solar panels capable of producing over 90 gigawatt-hours of electricity annually. NEPower has been selected as the turnkey supplier for the Heinineva project, responsible for the two main transformer substations and providing two pre-fabricated substation buildings.

“NEPower signed the main contract for the Heinineva project at the end of 2023, but our collaboration with the client began earlier under a preliminary agreement. The substation will be built on the edge of the former peat production area in Heinineva, requiring extensive groundwork before the electrical installations can commence. These preparatory works are now complete, and in April, we will start the installation work and deliver the substation buildings to the site,” says Jussi Perälä, Project Manager for the Heinineva project at NEPower.

NEPower’s Expertise Shines in Challenging Projects

Heinineva will be one of the largest solar power parks in Finland. The expertise and confidence gained from NEPower’s extensive experience truly shine in challenging projects like this. For example, Project Manager Perälä has over 15 years of diverse experience in the industry and a solid understanding of the planning and execution required for complex projects such as Heinineva.

“It is exciting to be at the heart of a project of this scale. This is NEPower’s largest turnkey delivery currently in progress and our first project of this magnitude in solar power. In addition to its financial significance, this project opens up new and interesting opportunities for solar power-related deliveries in the future,” reflects Perälä.

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