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Oskar Sjölund started as a Lead Engineer at NEPower


One of the latest additions to the NEPower professional team is Oskar Sjölund, who joined us in August as the Lead Engineer. He primarily works on electrical projects, including substations, both in Finland and Sweden. Sjölund already has several years of experience in working with substations, having designed them at his previous employer, mainly for international projects. He holds a degree in electrical and energy engineering.

The friendly colleagues and an innovative company culture attracted Sjölund to NEPower. “I knew there was a great team here – I already knew a few of them beforehand. Additionally, the company is growing, and there are many opportunities here. I like the fact that we are constantly trying to develop new things,” he says.

Although Sjölund has only been with the company for a couple of months, he has already found exciting projects. “If I had to choose two particularly interesting projects, one would be the battery storage project in Sweden in which we are involved. On the Finnish side, I could mention the solar power park planned for Lapua.”

An ever-evolving industry makes the work more captivating

The field of electrical and energy engineering is constantly evolving, and Sjölund sees the future of the industry as intriguing. “I believe that in the coming years, and perhaps even decades, there will be significant changes that we need to adapt to by developing new technology. One such opportunity is in renewable energy storage, which has not been extensively explored yet.”

Sjölund mentions that the constant need for development keeps the work interesting. “At NEPower, we continually monitor the industry and its markets and consider what types of products might be needed in the near future.”

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