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Industrial companies

At NEPower, electrical work for industrial needs is part of our central operations. We provide various electrical products for industrial companies in a professional and flexible way. We have multiple large-scale industrial companies as customers and are familiar with the high requirements of the field. We provide services throughout the Nordics.

Energy companies

NEPower provides installations for several energy companies as a subcontractor. Thanks to our wide experience, we are able to respond to the changing needs of energy companies. We provide installations of medium voltage switchgear and earth fault compensation units for power plants. In addition to installations, we do versatile renovations and voltage terminations.


At NEPower, we have a strong mission to be part of building new possibilities to replace old, fossil fuels with more modern and environmentally friendly options. We offer for example sustainable solutions for solar energy and charging stations for electrical vehicles. We operate according to the environmental standards of the ISO14001 certification.