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Energy Companies

NEPower provides installations for several energy companies as a subcontractor. Thanks to our wide experience, we are able to respond to the changing needs of energy companies. We provide installations of medium voltage switchgear and earth fault compensation units for power plants. In addition to installations, we do versatile renovations and voltage terminations.

Thanks to our wide experience, we are able to respond to the changing needs of energy companies. We provide installations of medium voltage switchgear and earth fault compensation units for power plants. In addition to installations, we do versatile renovations and voltage terminations.

Our solutions are fully tailorable to customer needs regarding size and desired features. They are also easy to scale later on if needed.


Our substation buildings are compact electrical spaces or buildings that include medium voltage switchgear and protection, transformer, and low voltage switchgear that are located in three different compartments that have been separated from each other with dividing walls to ensure safety by restricting access to live equipment or in case of a fire.

The electrical space is fully assembled in our facilities, which minimizes installation time and expenses on site. All of the devices are high-quality and tested to work together. Our products are used by versatile clients such as ports, mines, production facilities, and different types of properties.

Electrical spaces in separate buildings make it possible for the grid owner to operate easily without having to access any other buildings. When it comes to size and desired functions, the electrical space can be tailored to any need and is easily scalable in the future. We provide you with fast and secure delivery by doing all engineering, purchase, installation, testing, and commissioning work for you.


We have a twenty-year experience in engineering and commissioning, designing substations from renovation sites to new construction. We also perform protection relay configurations and testing for relays as well as make commissioning for all kinds of applications, from industrial electrical switchboards to complete substations.

What we build, we also maintain.

We provide all installations and maintenance service tasks, service control, maintenance for energy transfer buildings, and increasing energy efficiency by recycling. Our aim is to provide customer-oriented service and create a safe environment ecologically. Maintenance services are available in Ostrobothnia and Southern Ostrobothnia, Finland.

Our maintenance services include for example:

  • yearly electrical maintenance of properties
  • electrical maintenance for industrial needs
  • transformer enclosure maintenance
  • switchboard and distribution board maintenance
  • inspections for safety lighting, fire alarms and smoke clearance systems
  • inspection and documentation of addition, change and repair work for electrical equipment
  • end-customer user training and guidance

“NEPower presented us with different options to carry out the project already in the negotiation phase. This is the way to create cost savings and improve competitiveness – both benefit from sharing good practices.”

ABB – CASE: 110/33 kV substation, Finland

CASE: ABB – 110/33 kV substation, Nothern Ostrobothnia, Finland

We were a part of the implementation of a new substation built in Nothern Ostrobothnia, Finland. Our work included the primary and secondary installations for the substation.

Good co-operation and effective communication with the customer’s project manager made it possible for us to agree on things easily in this project.

Our way of aiming to find the most cost-efficient and best solution to improve our customer’s competitiveness received good feedback.

Why choose NEPower?

When you choose to install your electrical future together with us, we make a promise to you. This promise along with our values is present in everything that we do.

We get things done professionally

Our job is to help you achieve your goals with the best installation solutions and skilled professionals. We help you to get things done correctly and quickly, with professionalism and following best installation practices. We can provide you with full in-house services from design to project management and testing to commissioning.

We enable future business success

We enable future business success, the introduction of sustainable energy and the emergence of smart grids through high-quality and flexible electrical installation work. Whatever your electric future looks like, we can make it happen. We commit to your success by being easily reachable and reacting fast to changes when necessary.

People matter to us

We, the founders of Nordic Electro Power, are already second or third-generation electricians. We value people and life – that’s why safety is first in each step of our projects and daily operations. We prioritize the well-being of our customers and team members as we know that it’s one of the key points in helping us all succeed together. We have experience in different types of customers and cultures, making communication easy and efficient.

Focus on the future

The electric future is here. We are a modern company with our eyes actively on the future. We want to be part of a bigger change in helping our customers install their electrical future with the best solutions on the market. Our strengths are flexibility and an entrepreneur-minded way of thinking. We always work flexibly in accordance with our customers’ needs.

How can we help your company?

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Joni Kivimäki
Project Engineer

News & References

16.2.2024 NEPower signed a contract with EPV Alueverkko Oy for the construction of a distribution network station at the Laajametsä industrial estate in Vaasa