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Project Manager Joni Kivimäki enjoys NEPower’s relaxed atmosphere


Joni Kivimäki works as a Project Manager at NEPower and is also a co-owner of the company. Kivimäki previously worked for one of NEPower’s co-founders, Jussi Kempus, and joined the NEPower team when the businesses of the co-founding duo merged in 2016. Originally from Isokyrö, Kivimäki now resides in Vaasa with his family. Kivimäki and his family are expecting their second child soon.

When choosing his career path, he considered construction as well, but wanted to take a different route from his brother, who had chosen the construction field. As a result, Kivimäki ended up in the electrical line and says that he definitely made the right choice. 

“My work is constant problem-solving”

At NEPower, Kivimäki primarily works with electrical substations. He began as an installer but eventually transitioned into tasks related to tendering and estimating. Over time, he found himself predominantly in an office role, but still occasionally visits construction sites.

Describing his typical work week, Kivimäki characterizes it as hectic. “It’s constant problem-solving. Once one issue is resolved, the next one is already waiting,” he laughs but expresses his enjoyment of the fast-paced nature of the work.

Kivimäki has witnessed the evolution of NEPower

During his tenure at NEPower, Kivimäki has observed the company’s development into its current form. “We started from pretty much zero. New people have brought development ideas and expertise, and our operations have gradually taken shape. Initially, we even prepared proposals on grid paper,” he recalls.

Kivimäki appreciates the company’s relaxed and fair work atmosphere. “We work with a twinkle in our eye, even though we’re working hard,” he notes. 

Kivimäki’s pride and joy stem from the creation of a strong electrical substation team that collaborates seamlessly with subcontractors and suppliers.

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