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Joonas Hietapelto is a new project engineer in Oulu


Joonas Hietapelto has started working as a project engineer at NEPower’s Oulu office. He is a newly graduated engineer specialized in electrical power engineering and has long experience of installation work in the mining industry. He enjoys working at NEPower, both the variety of work and the way NEPower works.

“I had a basic education in electricity and automation and then worked for about ten years in the mining industry as an electrician with various tasks in automation and medium voltage work. I bring extensive knowledge of electrical installation to NEPower, and I also have a comprehensive overview of the mining industry and its needs,” says Hietapelto.

Hietapelto discovered NEPower during his further studies in electrical power engineering at the University of Applied Sciences. He wanted to learn new things in the field and was particularly interested in NEPower’s versatile offering of services related to electrical installations. Hietapelto started as an electrician at NEPower, and after graduation, moved on to engineering tasks in the Oulu office.

“NEPower is a growing company that doesn’t get stuck in old patterns. Here you get to do a lot of new things, which is a great opportunity as a newly graduated electrical engineer. My new role is versatile: I am responsible for projects, do some design work and take care of practical issues related to the projects. In practice, I do mostly office work, but in between I also do smaller installation assignments in maintenance and operation, which gives a nice variety”.

Hietapelto hopes to continue performing various tasks at NEPower. His goal is to successfully complete the given tasks and projects so, that both customers and employers are satisfied. In the future, Hietapelto also hopes to manage his own projects at NEPower.

“Despite ten years of work experience, I still feel enthusiastic and motivated. At NEPower, I appreciate that the work is taken seriously, but there is still a little bit of a twinkle in the eye. Here we always work hard and as well as we can. This motivates me to always do my best and constantly develop my skills,” says Hietapelto.

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