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Jussi Kempus: from Electrician to Entrepreneur


Jussi Kempus, one of the co-founders of NEPower, has been a key part of the company’s growth since its inception. Kempus, trained electrician, founded his first company back in 2011, specializing in electrical installations and electrical contracting for industrial and power station projects. Story of NEPower began in 2016 when Kempus and the company’s other founder, Mika Alatalo, merged their individual electrical businesses.

Despite his role as a co-founder, Kempus is continually “hands-on” in the field. He spends up to 70% of his working hours on-site, doing a bit of everything, from installations to problem-solving with customers and subcontractors. When in the office, he also works on product development and project management.

In his spare time, Kempus renovates old properties and rents them out. He also enjoys snowmobiling and motorcycle riding.

Employees and team spirit are NEPower’s strengths

Kempus considers the significant growth of his own company as one of his greatest achievements. He speaks highly of NEPower’s employees. “You can always trust our team, and they have the right attitude.”

“The team spirit here is really great. We have many young employees. You can also make mistakes here, and I think that’s important. NEPower feels like home, there’s a warm atmosphere,” Kempus says.

Tackling challenging projects

One of the most significant projects for Kempus was at Vaasa Harbor, where NEPower designed and built an electrified ship charging system. The stations were installed for Wasaline’s new hybrid ship, the Aurora Botnia, known as the world’s most environmentally friendly passenger car ferry.

Kempus has worked on particularly challenging projects. At Vaasa’s waterworks, old main distribution board is being replaced while the facility remains in normal operation. The challenge lies in the fact that the system cannot be shut down during the process. Both dismantling and installation must take place simultaneously while the waterworks are in use.

Kempus sees only possibilities for the future of the electrical industry. He emphasizes the increasing electrification of the world and the opportunities it brings in terms of renewable energy and strengthening the power grid.

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