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Matti Kasurinen develops a new entity for high voltage connectors for NEPower


Matti Kasurinen comes to NEPower with expertise in the field of high voltage, which will enable NEPower to offer its customers high voltage connections as turnkey solutions in the future. Kasurinen will carry out the installation work but also build NEPower’s brand new high voltage connection entity.

Matti Kasurinen has an education in the metal industry, but work experience in several different areas. He has worked in electrical installations, processing, tool making and welding. In addition, he has a few years of experience in entrepreneurship.

“Before joining NEPower, I worked for a Swedish company as a field installer and installation inspector for high voltage connections in projects around the world. For safety reasons, the high-voltage industry is closely monitored, so anyone who wants to work with high-voltage connections must be prepared to undergo further training throughout their career,” says Kasurinen.

High-voltage connections make the range of services more diverse

In addition to terminal installations, Kasurinen has extensive experience in the installation, splicing and repair of high voltage cables. He has expertise in both AC and DC cables, with competences up to 400 kV.

“After ten years of working abroad, I wanted to find a job closer to home. I saw that NEPower was looking for expertise in high-voltage installations and realized that it was an opportunity for me to do something new. In addition to installations, it is interesting that at NEPower I have the opportunity to develop a completely new unit and its working methods,” Kasurinen says.

The willingness to develop is reflected throughout the company

The goal is to build a separate unit for high-voltage connections so that NEPower can offer its customers even more versatile services as comprehensive solutions. With his strong expertise in high-voltage connections, Kasurinen is a rare expert in Finland. This makes him the right person to develop a new entity for NEPower.

“NEPower is a thriving company with enthusiastic staff. They embrace the new and don’t hold back too much. The desire to develop is reflected throughout the company, and I hope that I can contribute to the company’s development with my work. It’s great to be involved in building a completely new unit here,” Kasurinen says.

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