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CASE: The Port of Vaasa, Charging stations

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Nordic Electro Power has designed and built charging stations for electrified vessels in The Port of Vaasa. The project is related to the new hybrid vessel, Aurora Botnia, which will set its homeport in Vaasa with the vision of being the most environmentally friendly ferry in the world. The infrastructure around the vessel has also been taken in a more environmentally friendly direction.

The buyer of the charging stations is the City of Vaasa. Nordic Electro Power was chosen to be a partner in the design and building of the charging stations through a public purchase process.

– During our purchase process to find a suitable partner for this project, we had certain criteria regarding quality and know-how. Nordic Electro Power matched all the conditions we had, and after that, it was the price that was the decisive factor, tells Jan-Ove Ingo, the building manager for the City of Vaasa.

An appropriate, easy and flexible way of working

Nordic Electro Power gets positive feedback from the fact that things have gone in a correct and flexible way during the project. Thanks to open discussion, a mutual decision has been reached quickly even in situations when there have been different opinions in the air.

– We have around ten different projects, all of which are dependent on each other. That’s why it’s important to find partners like Nordic Electro Power, who are easy and flexible to work with, without unnecessary hassle, tells Ingo.

The project related to the charging stations is due to finish at its full capacity during autumn 2021 when the stations will be re-installed on the new quay. The customer has been happy with the co-operation and result of Nordic Electro Power’s work.

– What has been promised, has been kept: we have gotten exactly what we’ve ordered, tells Ingo.

Electrification will become more common in ports and industry in the coming years

In the past few years, electrical cars have taken a step toward the future when it comes to passenger cars. In upcoming years, electrified solutions will become more common also in ports and the industry sector. When large vehicles in heavy use are electrified, environmentally harmful emissions can be reduced significantly, making it possible to create even zero-emission vehicles.

Electrified solutions can be designed for the needs of all kinds of industrial environments including transport machines. Nordic Electro Power has a strong mission to be part of building new possibilities to replace old, fossil fuels with more modern and environmentally friendly options.

Pictured in the main photo: Jan-Ove Ingo

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